Sunday, 4 October 2015


I decided last year ( 5th November 2014 ) i knew far to many people / artists / bands who struggled to get heard by the people they deserved to be heard by. So, i decided to start my own label Phone Home Records ( The first imprint by established London based record label Tape Club Records ). P H R's is going to be the home of musicians / artist i've know for a while / just met that i feel have something special to offer your ears. 

The first release on my new micro label is by Taylor Barrow. A Toronto based electronic wizard who i met around 3 years ago via his Soundcloud. We struck up a friendship straight away via email and decided to work on a track for my 'Verses Series' release via Tape Club Records. We both loved the experience of working together and when Taylor started dropboxing me demos he was playing with i started thinking of ways i could help him put it out!

Fast forward a year or so and the world renowned Boilerroom premiered Taylor's track ' You Just Would Be ' followed by LA electronic go to blog XL8R premiering ' Kustiq Bits '

Taylor's EP consists of 6 delicious electronic jams.

Enjoy the whole EP via ...

Google Play

Here's to many more fun PHR releases

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